Ole Reumert started the company in 1980 as a one-man company. The basis for starting the company was an order for the preparation of manuals/instructions for technical components for the agricultural community. The start of the company was primarily based on graphic advertisements, preparation of manuals, etc.

In the following years came more orders concerning logo design, the profiling of companies, design-work, and technical descriptions of systems. In the mid 1980’ies orders came from the shipping industry in the shape of design and planning of safety and service signs, technical designs, safety-related tasks, composing safety procedures, safety courses, and similar jobs. The customers were ship-owners and shipyards and others. During this period the company also received orders to solve different computer-related tasks.

At the beginning of the 1990’ies, the company now named "commercial consult" became involved in projects with procedure descriptions in connection with the administration of personnel, logistics of purchasing and production primarily based on the GMP-rules (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO-9000 platforms (quality assurance and control).

By the end of 1994 the company was asked to assist in the making of “Safe Shipping” and from there naturally followed an involvement in the implementation of the ISM-Code (International Safety Management). In the spring of 1994 commercial consult was hired to assist a major Danish ship-owner in the preparation of a total Safety Management System (SMS) based on the ISM-Code. The system was based on the principles of the GMP rules and the rules of ISO-9000 but with careful consideration taken with regards to the special nature of making a safety management system for ships. The system was established in close cooperation with the ship owner's land-based organization, the management of the individual ships, and the Danish Maritime Authority. As the first in Denmark, the system was approved by the ISM unit under the Danish Maritime Authority at the beginning of 1996.

In 1995 “commercial consult” was changed to a private company ApS and registered by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.

During the preparation of documentation for ISM and ISO9000, a need arose for a document control system. A special document control system, which operates on the Microsoft®Office Platform, was developed. This system was named: CDCM® for "Commercial Document Control Manager" and is specially developed for the total control of documents and individualized manuals as well as all functions in connection with the maintenance of these: Editing documents, establishing new documents, out-phasing existing documents, printing out documents or whole manuals, changing the status of documents, authorizing corrected and added documents, etc. The system got a user-friendly interface and, apart from the document control itself, is also able to produce automatically updateable electronic manuals (Emanual).

In 1999 the company name was changed to “ISM consult” (as a part of the commercial consult group) in order to focus on International Safety Management for companies in the maritime trade. In the spring of 2001, the company became a private (limited) company and in December of 2001 a daughter company was founded and registered in London under the name of ”ISM consult UK Ltd.”.

The company is continuously approached by ship-owners and has, on the basis of this, entered into agreements in which DOCONTROL A/S assists in establishing ISM/SMS – either as a consultant, as a sparring-partner, directly involved in the project groups of the ship-owners and/or coordinator and producer of the systems. In most cases the company delivers total solutions in the form of Turnkey-projects followed up by maintenance contracts, which have shown to be the most interesting for the customer, both financially and in the case of resources.

Subsequently, other user-friendly systems have been developed, helping companies optimize resources, among other things by using an internally developed program for controlling time and cases, with advanced reports, at highly competitive prices. A special and very advanced report control program RCM® (now Docontrol® REPORT) has been developed on the basis of a strongly stated wish from customers in the ship-owning business, as the number of resources used for the processing, statistics, and filing of reports have been increasing for a long time. This system has shown to have a large potential for other similar fast operating lines of business.

To enable internal control of working with many customers and projects the company invented and developed a registration system for hours and components. This was intentionally made so easy to use so that employees felt it was easier to use than refuse. That system has been developed into a customer version because some customers saw the system and wanted to have the same flexibility and easiness of use. The system is called TCM for Time and Cost Manager.

The strategy of DOCONTROL’s management is, by a purposeful effort, to offer efficient and professional assistance, within the above-mentioned areas, to companies, organizations, and ship-owners.

The company is focusing on and investing in expansion on several different markets, both geographically and in different lines of business. The systems prove to be primarily appreciated by high-risk businesses: medical/pharmaceutical industry, power plants, offshore, air transport, etc., and a growing market and business is within the ISO-9000 quality assurance area. The company is teaming up with strategic alliances and partners in order to strengthen the core competence.

Today the company has the latest equipment, a committed and professional staff, and has connections with subject advisors who are competent in different areas and are able to take part in larger projects as supports and educators within their specialty. DOCONTROL A/S also supplies other third-party software and hardware solutions related to the company's core competency.

By January 2008, the company changed its name to DOCONTROL A/S. The name is a contraction of "document" and "control". The name was changed in order to meet demands in all businesses for document control systems. At the same time, DOCONTROL A/S has released a new software version, named Docontrol® LAN for even easier and user-friendly document control.

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