Docontrol® REPORT

Simple electronic report management

Docontrol® REPORT is a simple and secure solution when it comes to managing and collecting reports.

The reports are created as PDF forms by the administrator to make them look like traditional paper-based checklists. The reports contain fillable form fields that can be automatically filled with pre-defined data, user-entered text, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

The reports are saved, sent (data only), automatically filed, and kept traceable by the system in an easy and well-planned manner, ensuring that nothing is lost or forgotten.

The software can export data to other systems, users, spreadsheets for statistics, etc., and furthermore provides the option of alarm or notification via email or directly within the program on receipt of reports which demand special attention.

Easy set-up, registration, and distribution of new reports – without the need of a programmer or consultant.

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Some of our clients

Søfartsstyrelsen / Danish Maritime Authority

Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S


Valling Ship Management


Boreal Sjø AS

Peter Madsen Rederi A/S

Associated Danish Ports A/S

DTU Aqua

Aarhus Logistics Center A/S

We offer

  • Document Management Solutions
  • Compliance with all Code driven systems, i.e. ISO-9000, ISM, ISPS, etc.
  • Report Management
  • Intelligent distribution systems
  • Everything done the easy way for everyone in the supply chain.
  • Effortless implementation

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