Within almost all codes and standards, it is a major component, that checks are performed to see if the implemented systems work in “real life”. Improvements cannot take place unless it is known what the current status is. Tools for measurement and registration are essential for improvements.

These checks are normally carried out as audits, where employees and players within the limits described in the systems are interviewed. Auditors will always look for objective evidence to prove, that there is a connection between the written procedure/instruction, and what is really done.

Auditors will make reports of all areas and points, where there seems to be objective evidence, that there is a mismatch between the written procedure and the "live" procedure. The auditors will provide a report describing how the audit was performed, and all mismatches will be described in Non-Conformity reports (abbreviated as: “NC reports”).

Prior to any audit the scope of the audit shall be determined and agreed upon. The scope can be auditing the documentation, specific procedures, a department, work or process flow, customer complaint handling, report flow, communication, appearance, etc.

The report from an audit is one of the best tools for any management to improve business performance, quality, safety, and environmental control. The audit reports should never be used for pinpointing scapegoats, but only for identifying weak points, that can be and should be improved.

The basic main issues in all of the code-driven systems are improvement, sharing of experience, and positive communication – learn and act!

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DTU Aqua

Aarhus Logistics Center A/S

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